Sunday, 17 November 2013

Firoz Patel Cultivates Growth in Under Developed Markets

Like under developed markets that have finally begun to prosper, it has taken a long time and even more hard work for Firoz Patel to get to where he is today. As Executive Vice President and Director of Strategic Partnerships, Market Development and Corporate Affairs of Payza, Patel has played a key role in developing the company's economic and social imprints on the global village. With Patel's help, the global payment platform has offices in India and the United Kingdom, and provides its services in over 190 countries and 21 currencies.

Firoz Patel co-founded one of the industry’s best online global payment processors in 2004. With market competitiveness and innovative expertise, he helped lead the company to earn the Quebec Technology Company of the Year award from in 2010, as well as the Industry Alpha Award for Excellence in Consumer Products from the Ville St. Laurent Chamber of Commerce. Due to the company's success, Patel was named a finalist for the title of Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year. In January 2013, on behalf of Payza, Patel visited Dhaka to attend Bangladesh's e-Commerce Week 2013 and Dhaka Startup Weekend. At the Payza-sponsored events, Patel participated in various discussions about the future of e-commerce in the South Asian country. During one such conference, he shared his knowledge and insights on challenges he has witnessed firsthand, explaining how the world of online payments affects under developed markets. Patel spoke in depth about the various barriers that Bangladesh faces, such as security concerns and lack of infrastructure.

Payza's perceptive access into emerging markets like Bangladesh, where the online world has yet to take hold, has been made possible through Patel's efforts. His acute understanding of market development, as well as Information Technology, has allowed him to encourage growth in under developed markets and conquer the issues that these markets face (the lack of technology, for instance).

Under Patel's guidance, Payza provides secure and convenient global payment solutions. In Bangladesh and other under developed markets, Patel has contributed towards opening the market and providing convenient ways for underprivileged residents to use Payza's services – one such service is SimplySendBD.

Payza launched SimplySendBD to offer people from Bangladesh and other under developed markets a low-cost method to send money home. With Patel's innovation and expertise on the challenges that impoverished markets face, Payza strives to provide its SimplySendBD program to serve regions and demographics under-serviced by mainstream financial institutions.

With twenty years' experience, Patel has led Payza to global expansion through partnerships with corporations, communities, international associations and government bodies. Patel has successfully led multiple businesses to integrate into various markets, expanding their products' reach and revenues. He has maintained his reputation by continually striving to improve Payza's business processes.


Firoz Patel has a wealth of experience in creating strategic global relationships and market development. Sharing unparalleled expertise, he has helped multiple businesses with their product reach. For more information about Firoz Patel, including professional experience and business advice, visit

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